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What to Expect from Therapy

What is therapy?

People expect therapy to be a place where they solve your problems for you, but that would not make sense because then you would need a therapist for the rest of your life. Conflicts in life will always happen. What therapy does is help you work through the conflicts in your life in a healthy way.

What should I expect from therapy?

1. Setting Goals

In the beginning of your therapy session, they always talk about your goals and what you intend to get out of the therapy session. This helps you with focusing on what you want to get out of therapy, and it also helps you figure out what you want to talk about during therapy.

When setting goals for your therapy session, you will be working towards an outcome for yourself that you want to achieve. Which may seem impossible at the moment, but when you do achieve your outcome, it is very rewarding.

2. Communication

When you are talking to your therapist, you will be learning how to communicate your emotions and experiences. You may be the one talking for the most part, but you will learn how to express your feelings to someone who is listening, and they will also help you express your feelings.

3. Learning

You only get how much you give. There are many people who don’t believe therapy works because they never got anything out of it. But therapy only works if you want it to work. You need to be open to learning, and practicing the skills that your therapist teaches you to work through your emotions and experiences.

If you are not willing to make these changes or open your perspective, then therapy will not work for you. If you refuse to open up to work through your emotions and experiences, then therapy will not work for you. You need to be willing to learn and want to grow in order for change to happen. The therapist is there to guide you when you are ready to open up and will not force you if you are not ready.


Therapy is a great place to be when you are open to change and growth. You will be expressing your most vulnerable feelings there and learning skills on how to cope with them. You will get out of therapy, what you put in. At the end of the day, therapy is worth the time you put into it.


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