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Get to know us.

We're Eversparks Health, a teletherapy platform founded with the singular goal of providing culturally competent teletherapy to patients everywhere. Interested in growing your online presence as a partner-therapist? We'd love for you to join us. 

First things first, what's comp look like?

You set your rates, simple as that, no need to negotiate. You set your hourly rate, we focus on bringing you patients who are looking to work with you.

How am I assigned patients?

Patients can either browse our entire team of therapists to select the provider that suits their needs, or patients can choose from a list of recommended therapists after completing a questionnaire. 

Where do sessions take place?

We use an integrated version of Zoom for Healthcare to conduct HIPAA compliant video meetings.

Who has Eversparks Health partnered with?

Eversparks was created at UC Berkeley Haas and is backed by Berkeley Skydeck and BVA. 

What services are offered?

Non-emergency behavioral therapy for individuals, couples, and families, in the form of standardized 50-minute sessions. 

How many patients do I need to take?

As many or as few as you like, there are no minimum patient loads. We only ask that you only accept patients if you feel able to work with them long-term, should they require long-term care.

How about cancellations?

Patients are free to cancel or reschedule sessions up to 48 hours before the scheduled session time. Changes within 48 hours are granted at the sole discretion of the provider. 

I'm interested! How do I join?

Therapists who are interested in joining the care team can do so via our application form.

If there are any questions, drop us a note at

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