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01. Share your goals

A few quick questions to help us recommend the best provider for your goals

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02. Select your Therapist

Get matched with a psychotherapist who understands your cultural upbringing and needs 

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03. Begin your private sessions

Private sessions with your dedicated therapist on phone, chat, or video every week

Looking to begin?

We offer the world's best online counseling and online therapy services – built around weekly private sessions with your dedicated therapist. The need for high quality online therapy and couples counseling has never been greater. Our therapists are treating patients in the United States, Singapore, UAE, and many other locations. If it's time to begin working with an Indian therapist or online counselor, we're here to help.

A happier, healthier you starts right here. Find the perfect counselor for your needs, and start your journey today. 

Whether you're looking for a promotion, a raise, or better work-life balance, our coaches and counselors are here to help. 

Reconnect with your partner and overcome conflicts with a counselor that understands you both.

You've got goals. We've got experts that can help with motivation, accountability, and structure. 

Looking to learn a bit more? Drop us a note at info@eversparks.com or contact us

Benefits of Eversparks

  • 24/7 counselor access – connect anytime

  • Flexible scheduling so you never miss a session

  • 1-to-1 50-minute sessions every week 

  • Switch providers easily and at no cost

  • Pause or cancel your membership any time

  • Connect with video, phone, or text

  • All for $249/month, no insurance required

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Each member of our Therapy Team

  • Has at least one masters degree in counseling psychology or related field

  • 4+ years of serving the South Asian patient community as a specialist

  • 98%+ positive patient review feedback score


Simple, Straightforward Pricing

Weekly private 50-minute counseling sessions

Unlimited 24/7 voice, video, and text messaging

Cancel anytime, unused subscription time is always refunded

$249 / month

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