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10 Virtues for Excellence in Personal and Professional Life

Personal and Professional Life Virtues

We all have our own notion about achieving excellence. To do so, many people focus on building skill sets, while others focus on attaining academic qualification. What actually contributes to excellence in careers and relationships is not knowledge and skills, but rather the virtues which are instrumental in achieving excellence.

It’s the integration of these virtues that develop an individual's character that helps him-or-her succeed in life. I have listed a set of virtues which would assist you in picking up momentum in dry and sinking relationships and earn you accolades professionally.

  1. Assertiveness and commitment – To be able to express your thoughts and feelings in an open and honest way brings in transparency and clarity in personal relationships as well as professional associations. Assertiveness without commitment is often presumed as rude and self-centered. Commitment acts as a dash of sweetness balancing assertive dialogues and moves you in the right direction to achieve excellence.

  2. Determination and enthusiasm – The desire to achieve keeps you going. A self determined person chooses to get involved in everything that will assist him/her in reaching a target. It’s important to exhibit determination with enthusiasm. It’s taking a call and acting with determination and enthusiasm without any pressure or external encouragement.

  3. Internal locus of control – It's the belief that things are in your control and you can make a difference to all the situations which are prevailing. It helps you make decisions without being uncertain. The fact that you take responsibility for your actions builds a strong character which helps in exceeding in personal and professional relationships.

  4. Emotional intelligence – Emotional intelligence is more important than traditional intelligence to excel in life. It’s being self aware, as well as socially aware. It helps in understand needs of others. If you correctly perceive and manage emotions of others, you've already won half the battle. Using your own emotions appropriately is the other half. Understanding and managing emotional responses take you towards excellence.

  5. Freedom from bias - To be open minded and receptive to ideas puts you on the path of excellence. Any kind of bias only hinders your progress and lets you down because you lose the opportunity to explore the unseen. It also lands you in complicated scenarios as you move away from problem solving. Being non-judgmental accelerates you towards excellence.

  6. Integrity and nobility - Righteousness, truthfulness and nobility always pay. These are building blocks of character. Without being honest to yourself and others, excellence can never be achieved.

  7. Altruism - Being kind and altruistic improves chances of excelling as a person. The contentment and reward that you receive is unparalleled. Altruism is an attribute of a strong person and surely pulls you towards achieving excellence in relationships.

  8. Empathy and compassion - To be able to feel the same pain as others, gives you better insight of situations. This in turn helps you generate positiveness. Better understanding leads to better planing and execution. Being empathetic and compassionate will support you through the journey of excellence.

  9. Resilience – Your ability to bounce back when encountered by unruly circumstances that knock you down exhibits your strength, your resilience. It helps you focus on the task in hand such as mending a relationship which has gone through a stormy phase or hurdles that you encounter in your professional life.

  10. Optimism and courage - Optimism and courage hold your hand through the stormy scenarios in life. Staying hopeful and leading with courage gives strength to all those associated with you. It's important to maintain a positive frame-of-mind in aversive circumstances to achieve desired goals with excellence.

How many virtues do you see in yourself? If you don't see many, then don't be disheartened. The best part is that each one of you can work on them and develop them. It's never too late to begin.

Good luck!


Dr. Harshant Upadhyaya is an Eversparks Counselor and Clinical Psychologist operating her private practice in Mumbai, where she works with individuals and couples of different ages. Using a holistic and insightful way of tackling problems, she practices a combination of different therapies and helps patients inculcate positivity and resilience in their daily lives.

With 16 years of work experience, her endeavor has been to spread awareness about how to unleash vast human potential. She believes finite efforts can bring in infinite happiness, joy and peace. She has successfully dealt with people of different age groups suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, confidence issues and more.

She is friendly, empathetic and an extrovert who believes in living life to the fullest.


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