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6 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Happiness Index

Ways to improve happiness

Be Optimistic — A positive approach to circumstances in life will always help you think constructively and give you the required boost to overcome adversity; be it personal, professional or health related. Optimism will nullify the effect of any betrayal or failure. That's the secret behind smiles of those in adversity.

Don't lose hope — Hope keeps us going. We all know about the silver lining behind clouds and must believe in it. Hope is the only light we can use in darkness. Keep trying and never give up. Things surely get better after they get worst. Finite disappointments cannot stand infinite hope. We have hope experiments in Psychology which empirically prove the power of hope.

Exercise and meditate — Taking care of your body gives a great a feeling. A good workout is nothing short of a miracle in uplifting a sad mood. Meditation reduces anxiety, fear, grief, guilt, and helps in overcoming depression. It cultivates compassion, sharpens concentration and brings peace, calmness, and happiness. If you have racing thoughts, it might be difficult to meditate, but physical exercise might be an instant help. So know when to meditate and when to exercise. Start by listening to music alone before you reach the next phase where focused meditation is possible. Concentration on your breath can help. Regular exercise and meditation improves overall wellbeing.

Call a friend — Friends are our best therapists. We can express ourselves freely, act silly and they know when and how to make us happy. A single call can make a huge difference to the way we are feeling. It's always a great idea to connect to old and new friends for the feel-good factor. Friendship is the best medicine.

Learn to forgive — Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. The more you forgive the happier you are. It's the best way to combat stupidity, shrewdness, biases, hypocrisy, and disappointments. Forgiveness gives us peace. It's not easy but surely is worth the effort.

Share, care and help — Last but not the least. Feel the bliss of sharing and caring for not just significant others, but everyone who you come across. This gives a lot of satisfaction and happiness. It is a simple remedy that will elevate your mood. Being helpful and kind will bring in tons of joy along with a lot of positive emotions and memories.

Wishing you all the happiness!


Dr. Harshant Upadhyaya is an Eversparks Counselor and Clinical Psychologist operating her private practice in Mumbai, where she works with individuals and couples of different ages. Using a holistic and insightful way of tackling problems, she practices a combination of different therapies and helps patients inculcate positivity and resilience in their daily lives.

With 16 years of work experience, her endeavor has been to spread awareness about how to unleash vast human potential. She believes finite efforts can bring in infinite happiness, joy and peace. She has successfully dealt with people of different age groups suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, confidence issues and more.

She is friendly, empathetic and an extrovert who believes in living life to the fullest.


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