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7 Self Care Strategies to Maintain Mental Health

Self care for mental health

Maintaining mental health is just like maintaining your physical health. When you take care of your physical health, you eat healthy foods, exercise, sleep well, and drink lots of water. Taking care of your mental health is similar as well.

Of course, all these ways to take care of your physical health are a crucial contributing factor to your mental health as well, but there are some other ways to take care of your mental health as well.

1. Maintain a schedule.

When you maintain and stick to a schedule, you keep a rhythm going for yourself and take responsibility for the things that need to get done. When doing this, you are essentially taking care of yourself.

2. Take Time for Hobbies

Your brain was meant for creative activities that you love. Whether it is drawing, singing, knitting, or even sports, spend time in your hobbies at least once a week to stimulate the creative side of your brain that gives you joy!

3. Socialize with your friends.

Maintain your social relationships. Some days you may not feel like going to brunch with your friends and that is okay. It is okay to take some time for yourself, but if you feel like it is becoming a pattern, try to push yourself out there. Socializing helps your mind get out of itself and into your physical space.

4. Practice Gratitude

Sometimes we often forget the good things that happen in our lives because we tend to focus on the bad. Whether you are using a gratitude journal, or reciting five things you're grateful for before you walk out your door, it creates a healthy and positive shift in your mindset.

5. Go for a Walk.

Whether you don’t like to exercise or you work out at home, take a walk outside. The fresh air strengthens your body and opens your mind. Take a deep breath in the fresh air and take a 30 minute walk.

6. Take Care of your Finances.

When maintaining your mental health, you need to maintain all parts of your life. That means, if you have a tendency to impulsively spend, you may need to learn how to budget. Taking care of yourself is taking care of all parts of your life.

7. Maintain Your Home.

Your space is so important when it comes to your mental health. Whether it is decorating your place to exude a certain vibe, or just cleaning it up so it looks tidy, it changes your perspective and can help your stress levels, as well as the clutter in your mind.


Taking care of yourself will help prevent you from diving in a dark place. Keep doing what you can because your mental health is very important.


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