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How to Be More Secure as an Insecure Person

How to be more secure as an insecure person

Insecurity happens even without us knowing. But most of it happens with the influences of other people around us. Whether it is people telling us to look a certain way to be desirable, or feeling compelled to try to fit in, we all struggle with insecurity from time to time.

Insecurity is not a pretty feeling, and it can be difficult feeling to overcome.

So how do we become more secure in ourselves as an insecure person?

Understand that everyone is different

Biologically, everyone is built differently. Whether it is the shape of your body to your personality and interests, everyone is born differently, and that is something that you need to accept. There are many different people in this world to make sure the world goes round.

Whatever the social standard is, it does not define whether you are worth it or not because you fit in that category or you don’t. Social construct is made by other humans to try to sell you products and feed off your insecurities. It is not a defining moment of whether you should like yourself or not.

Everyone has different preferences

Everyone likes different ice creams, has different favorite colors, and styles as well. Why are we accepting of different colors but not different preferences?

If you do not fit in someone’s mold of what you should look like and what you should be, remember that it has nothing to do with you personally, but everything to do with what they want. Just because you are not someone’s preference does not mean you are nobody’s preference.

Stop comparing yourself to others

Comparing yourself to others can be the most toxic destructive behavior you can do to yourself. You are made differently with different talents, appearance and different skills. Just because you are not similar to someone that you admire, does not mean your worth is any less. It just means that you are different.

Other people’s opinions don’t matter

People do not know you as well as you know yourself. If you are insecure because of what other people have said about you, toss those comments away.

Other people’s opinions are molded by their own environment and what has been told to them. You know yourself best, your struggles best, other people’s opinions are merely an external opinion that is not truly accurate.

Love yourself

Take the time to love different aspects about yourself. Appreciate what you can offer and identify your strengths. Stop looking at other people and compare yourself to yourself. Are you getting better in your own talents? If you had nobody to compare yourself to, would you love certain features about yourself?


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