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How to Maintain Mental Health in the Workplace

Maintaining your Mental Health in the workplace can be confusing because of what society tells us to feel in the workplace.

We are often told to tolerate some things because you are being paid, or if you want to move up in the world, you need to tolerate certain people or how you are being treated. They tend to normalize that people get treated poorly in some jobs, and you need to get used to it.

Maybe the workload is overwhelming for you, but your supervisor tells you that everyone goes through it, not just you. It is something we all have to do. Which can be true, but it does not mean it is for you.

Maintaining your mental health is really important when it comes to the workplace because it is the majority of your day. It is how you spend most of your hours.

This is not to say that you have to work a creative job to be happy. You really don’t need to do that if you are perfectly fine at a 9 to 5 and doing your creative ventures at home.

Or maybe it does mean that you want to spend your time in your creative ventures fully and completely, and maybe that is something that you need to do.

So how can you maintain mental health at the workplace?

1. Maintain your boundaries.

If your supervisor asks you to work extra after your allotted hours? Set those boundaries. If your boss guilts you about it, still maintain those boundaries. The more boundaries you break, the more you are showing them how to treat you.

2. Stay away from drama.

If there is drama, stay away from it. Don’t give your two cents unless you really want to stick up for someone who needs it. Don’t partake in gossip. Just mind your own business, keep work life separate from home life.

3. If all else fails, quit.

If the workload is too much, if the job is too consuming of your life. If you feel like your mental health is depleting everyday that you have no energy when you get home to do anything, it may be your sign to quit and do something else. You should be able to maintain your mental and physical health at the same time as working.

Different types of jobs work for different types of people because we all have different talents and skills. Just because you cannot do this job anymore, does not mean you have failed, but it means you need to find what fits right for you.


There are so many jobs out there. Do not equate your worth to your job. Do not waste your time on a job that does not fulfill you. You live one life. Live it the way you feel fulfilled and happy.


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