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How to Stop Caring About Other People’s Opinions

How to Stop Caring About Opinions

If you are someone who struggles with other people’s opinions about you, living life is a lot harder to live. Your entire life starts to become what other people expect of you or want out of your life. Other people, whether it is your family, friends, societal standards, or someone in a higher hierarchy than you, start to have control over your life.

If you care about other people’s opinions, your life stops becoming your own, and what fulfills you and makes you happy, but your life becomes about what makes someone else happy.

This can come about by how someone decides to treat you and how your environment responds when you don’t circle your actions around that one person.

You start to believe that your own opinions and preferences are invalid, and then things that bring you joy aren’t going to give you joy.

So how do you truly stop caring about other people’s opinions?

How to stop caring about other people’s opinions:

1. Remember that everyone lives their own life, and you are the only person solely responsible for fulfilling your life.

2. Remind yourself that at the end of the day, no matter what they have said about you, it really never is about you, and whatever they say is about them.

3. Nobody is living your life except for you.

4. Your life is designed for you, it should not be designed to fulfill someone else’s life and how they want you to live it. You decide how you want to spend your days.

5. Don’t worry about what they say, their opinion about you is one of many. It doesn’t define you.

To stop thinking about other people’s opinions and not letting it affect your life is not a short term healing process. It is a slow ongoing process that is rewiring the way you think about yourself and your outlook in life. There may be times where you see yourself being concerned by other’s thoughts, but just keep reminding yourself that it is a constant journey to heal and learn to be free from the opinions of others.

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