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How to Take Your Power Back

How to Take Your Power Back

If you are someone who needs to take their power back, there is a good chance you are a people pleaser that got stepped all over and you have decided to get back up and take your life back.

If you have been a people pleaser your entire life, how do you take your life back? How do you take control of your life again?

Here are some ways you can take your power back:

1. Remember that you cannot control anyone.

This is important because you may have lived your life feeling controlled by everyone and taken advantage of, but it was that you let them control you. You felt the need to listen and do whatever they said because you were a people pleaser.

Once you take control over your life again, it is best to understand that you can not control anyone. But you can understand their reactions. If people try to make you do what they want you to do, you can’t stop them saying that, but you can just say no and walk away. Or whatever option is safest.

2. Other people’s opinions are suggestions.

From someone who has been a people pleaser all their life, it is hard to just acknowledge that other people’s opinions are merely suggestions. They may not present it as so, but just because they insist upon their own opinion, does not mean you have to do what they say. It means, if they are a person you trust, you can consider it, but at the end of the day, your decision is most important for yourself.

3. Remember that you have control over your own emotions.

You don’t have control over anyone and nobody has control over you. You have to make choices for yourself, and accept the reactions that come with it. People may try to manipulate you or blame you, or try to get under your skin for having your own opinions and taking back your power, but you have every right in how you make your decisions.


It is not easy to take control over your life again. You may even feel disappointed in yourself for taking control of your life and not listening to other people. But remember, you are the only one living your life. You have to live in the way you want to, to be happy.


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