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What do Healthy Boundaries Look Like?

What are Healthy Boundaries?

Creating healthy boundaries between you and others is very important to reflect self value, and protect your peace.

Everyone is different and everyone has different boundaries because of how they understand life and the experiences they went through. That means, people can have similar boundaries, but they need to learn how to respect other people’s boundaries whether they understand it or not.

What are boundaries?

Boundaries is the line between what you are comfortable with and what you feel uncomfortable with. They are limits and rules you set within a relationship.

What does a healthy boundary look like?

1. You value your own opinion If you struggle with people always putting your thoughts and ideas down, you may struggle with valuing your own opinion because nobody else has. But just because someone else chose to treat you like that, doesn’t mean that is your value. Your opinion and experiences are just as valid.

2. You don’t compromise your values for others Everyone has different values, so if someone is pushing your values for something they want you to do, do not break your values because someone tried to pressure you. Only do what is comfortable with you and do what you will not regret doing.

3. Shares what they are comfortable sharing Someone who has healthy boundaries will share only what they want to share, and will not feel the need to overshare because of any external factors.

4. Communicates their wants and needs If you have healthy boundaries, you know how to communicate your wants and your needs. You know yourself well and you know what you are okay and what you aren’t okay with in the relationship.

5. Accepting when others say “no” to them Lastly, someone who has healthy boundaries will respect when they are told no. They know that no is a full sentence and they should not expect or feel entitled to an explanation. Whether someone wants to explain their reasoning or not. They respect it without needing to understand or agree.

Having healthy boundaries is vital to having healthy relationships with your friends and family. When both parties in the relationship are able to have healthy boundaries, you will have great relationships. If not, you may struggle with your relationship. Practice healthy boundaries within yourself. The stronger you get in your boundaries, the more you can identify who respects your boundaries, and you as a person.


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